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Why should Hospitals, Rehabilitation facilities, Nursing homes, and Managed Care Facilities use Brunelle Medicaid Consultants?

Kathleen Brunelle of Brunelle Medicaid Consultants has specialized in assisting Nursing homes, Rehabilitation facilities, Hospitals, Lawyers, families and individuals, with the Medicaid application process in Massachusetts for the past two decades.


Brunelle Medicaid Consultants has a proven record of an extremely high success rate.

When it comes to getting cases approved, from the most basic to the most complex, they get it done. Brunelle Medicaid Consultants has proven its ability to get these cases approved the first time around. If an appeal is necessary, their success rate speaks for itself. They have a proven ability to win, even hardship appeals. Therefore they have recovered and or saved millions of dollars for the facilities they work with.

BMC has a long-standing relationship with the MassHealth caseworkers. As well as, banks, insurance companies, and other institutions, which allows them to expedite this process. Brunelle Medicaid keeps individuals, families, and facilities updated every step of the way, sending regular, up-to-date reports to the facilities and they may call or email at any time.

BMC’s fee structure is also unique to this industry. They charge a one-time fee for the process they are referred, Medicaid application for long or short term care, Conversions, Renewals, Eligibility reviews, frail elder waiver. Ect. This fee will carry it through to the end even if there is an appeal.



nurse and elderly patient outside on a bright day. green foliage in the background. Brunelle Medicaid consultants.

Brunelle Medicaid makes every effort to obtain payment from the individual or their family. Therefore, there is no charge to the facility unless there is no other payer source. You will also notice that their rates are hundreds of dollars less than other companies.

Some companies use their already overworked business offices or social workers to do the applications, and other Medicaid paperwork. Some companies tell the family to do the application with little to no guidance or resource information. Taking into consideration how important it is for the facility, the individual, and their families to get this application done correctly and approved the first time, it makes little sense not to use the highly experienced and successful professionals who have the necessary expertise to get the job done.

Many companies have found it much more profitable and productive to use a professional, qualified company such as Brunelle Medicaid Consultants, to do their Medicaid paperwork versus the other scenario. Their business managers and social workers are better able to do their jobs now that they are not overburdened with paperwork they do not fully understand.

Hospitals find that using Brunelle Medicaid consultants helps to find placement for individuals to rehabs or nursing homes while Medicaid is pending. Facilities can call Brunelle for a pre evaluation prior to admission. This frees up the bed in the hospital and reassures the rehab or skilled nursing home that they will get paid.


Using Brunelle Medicaid will help mitigate the risk of potential lawsuits if individuals are misadvised, misinformed or not given all the available options regarding their assets. They have observed this happening more and more where individuals are being misinformed by unqualified individuals about what options they have regarding assets, such as cash, property, retirement accounts, etc.


Brunelle Medicaid Consultants and their team of highly trained Medicaid specialists, attorneys, and financial advisors, tries to accommodate all the needs an individual, their family, and facilities may need when going through this process. They offer the following services:

  • Medicaid applications for short or long term care.
  • Conversions
  • Renewals
  • Eligibility reviews
  • Frail Elder waiver
  • Appeals
  • Hardship appeals
  • Probate for a person that has passed
  • Power of attorneys
  • Notary services
  • House/apartment clean out
  • Cleaning
  • Renovations
  • The sale of property
  • Annuities
  • Trusts
  • Deed transfers
  • Wills


Most cases can be handled via Phone, Email, and Fax, however,
Brunelle Medicaid Consultants are willing to travel anywhere in Massachusetts
For rates and information, Please Contact Shaun below: