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Managing your Client’s Medicaid Application

Brunelle Medicaid Consultants is here to provide you with top-of-the-line Medicaid assistance. We understand the need for accurate, efficient, and timely Medicaid application processing. Especially when funding sources affect the viability of your operations.

Escalating operating expenses, specialized medical treatments, training, staffing, and federal and state-mandated reporting are only a few critical and high priorities for nursing home facilities.

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Our Medicaid application specialists are efficient, confidential, and always professional. Always offering exceptional Medicaid assistance. We round our services out with an advisory team of highly skilled experts within the legal, financial and insurance industry with a concentration in the nursing home industry.

Nursing homes, and assisted living facilities can count on our expert knowledge, effective communication and excellent records management.

“Our proven systems, keep managed care facilities up-to-date with accurate weekly reporting of pending applications, state regulatory changes, and other related client changes.”

Rules – Income & Asset Verification

We take care of all the details…

A complete review of your personal financial portfolio is conducted. The review process includes Income Verification, and Asset Verification.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive snapshot of our client’s financial standing. These are some of the details we will cover during our in-take process:

  • Determination of application: patient, the Community Spouse, authorized agent: power of attorney, guardian/conservator.
  • Verification Process: assets, annuities, life insurance policies, spenddowns, notification to agencies
  • Income verification: social security, pensions, pensions, annuities (breakouts of monthly benefits from reporting sources)
  • Expense Verifications: health insurance premiums, shelter expenses, property taxes, utilities
  • Property transfers – 5 year look back
  • Transfer issues
  • Type of application to process: Community – Long Term – Frail Elder
  • Onsite meetings with our clients, family members, agents and nursing home administrators
  • Weekly reporting keeps administrators informed every step of the way
  • Hand-delivery application submissions to the MassHealth Enrollment Center (MEC)