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The Medicaid Application Process

Understanding the application process for Medicaid requires Medicaid application meetings. coverage as a couple or an individual can seem like a daunting task; our team of consulting experts are here to help.

We offer personalized onsite meetings in the comfort of your home or designated place of choice.

We encourage you to include your spouse, authorized agent, attorney, or a designated guardian/conservator to help in the process.

Brunelle Medicaid Consultants LLC has over a decade of compassion, patience, and expert understanding of the Medicaid application process.

Rules – Income & Asset Verification

In Medicaid Application Meetings, we take care of all the details…

A complete review of your personal financial portfolio is conducted. The review process includes Income Verification and Asset Verification.

Here are a few areas we will discuss during our meeting:

  • Timing – determining the type of application processing required:
    • Month-Based System
    • Retroactive Application
    • Annual Redetermination
    • Medicare Overlap
    • Eviction and Medicaid-Pending Status
    • Applying too early
  • Medicaid Application processing – completing and filing:
    • Full Disclosure
    • Filling out the application
    • Attaching Exhibits – identification and  health insurance cards, proof of citizenship
  • Expense Verifications:
    • Health Insurance Premiums
    • Shelter Expenses: rent, mortgage, homeowner insurance, renter insurance
    • Property Taxes
    • Utilities
  • Transfer Issues
  • Exempt Transfers