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One of the biggest questions asked when seeking Medicaid coverage is,

“Where do I start?”

At Brunelle Medicaid Consultants LLC (BMC), you begin the journey with  our informational meeting. We suggest a family member, spouse, a close friend, your attorney, or perhaps your health care proxy to be part of the meeting as needed support.

During this time one of our team members, will assess your individual needs, inform, and educate you on the process and hopefully provide the peace of mind that only sound knowledge can deliver.

We understand when placing a loved one in a nursing home or an assisted living facility the last thing on your mind isn’t paperwork, but making the right choices for your loved one. Our team of experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Let us lessen the burden of paperwork when it comes to applying for Medicaid.

We are here to help you solve your difficult Questions…

I have too much money in my savings, how do I become eligible?

My accountant said I am allowed to gift once a year up to $10,000 to each of my children, will that disqualify me?

I want to make sure my spouse is taken care of, how do I accomplish this?

Expertise you can count on

  1. Thorough knowledge of the Medicaid guidelines and application process.
  2. Determination of application.
  3. Onsite meetings with our client, family members, agents and/or Nursing Home administrators.
  4. Accurate, timely reporting to all pertinent parties.
  5. Hand-delivery application submissions to the MassHealth Enrollment Center.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Attorneys, assigned agents, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and seniors turn to Brunelle Medicaid Consultants LLC for in-depth knowledge, accuracy, and quick turn-around for Medicaid application processing. Contact us today!